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Detox your home with green cleaning

When we go to the supermarkets we are flooded with endless shelves packed with colourful cleaning products that grab our attention, cleaning products for just about everything and anything.  The cleaning market is telling us that we need a product for dishes, bench tops, floors, tiles, windows, ovens, toilets and more.  Do we really need a separate product for all these types of things?  The answer is NO and by using all these conventional cleaning products, it might be doing more harm than good.  There is now more awareness on natural green cleaning products that does just as well and don’t have any harmful ingredients.

4 Easy Tips Towards Green Gleaning

Switch to natural cleaning products

Demand for green cleaning products are increasing and many cleaning brands are more aware of what the consumers are asking for.  Cleaning solutions that have less of an impact on the environment, our pets, children and our home.  There are now many green cleaning products on the market that are non-toxic, biodegradable and better for the environment.  Switching to eco-friendly cleaning products is one of the simplest things you can do to improve the overall wellbeing in the home.  To make your own all-purpose surface cleaner just mix 240ml white vinegar and ¼ cup bicarbonate of soda into 2 litres of water.

Improve indoor air quality

The indoor air quality is often more polluted that the air outside, this is because the air is recirculated within the building and can trap pollutants.  These can be produced by heating and cooling, cooking, cleaning, smoking, etc.  It is a good idea to open windows and doors often to help flush out poor indoor air quality, furthermore, indoor plants within the home can also help remove organic chemicals from the air and help manage carbon dioxide levels.  So it’s a good excuse to start transforming your indoor space and bring in that vertical garden you always wanted.

Ask for green cleaning

If you are one of those that are too busy to be house cleaning, then look for professional cleaners that have a green cleaning service.  There are many website that allows you to specify the type of service you are looking for and help compare cleaning quotes. Just remember to ask if they use natural green cleaning products.

Dispose of your cleaners properly

Once you have decided to make the switch and never look back, remember not to throw your conventional cleaning products in the garbage.  These products can contain toxic chemicals, if they aren’t safe in the home they should be disposed of carefully otherwise they will end up in landfill.  These chemicals can then end up seeping into our environment and our water ways and into our food resources.  Instead, check your local council for instructions on how to dispose of chemical waste, some councils will operate a chemical waste/hazardous collection day or provide a drop off facility.

Five Ways to Encourage Kids to Help with Cleaning

Getting kids to clean up after themselves is most times a difficult task in itself; requesting a help with chores may become an addition to an already tedious task, as you would most likely encounter a resistant wall. More frequently, an easy clean up chore with your kids becomes a tragedy with arguments and tears ensuing; which leaves you having to do the work yourself just to regain your sanity. This does not have to be the case; as involving your kids in chores can be engaging yet less stressful and everyone can end up having fun doing the work.

Below are five ways to get them interested in helping out:

Make it fun

The primary reason no one, (adults or kids) enjoys cleaning is that it’s just not fun. To be frank, cleaning can be outright boring. Making it interesting will make your kids more inclined to participate. You can be very creative to make a cleaning game whereby you establish an incentive for cleaning; as whoever finishes first gets a special reward. This is helpful if you have children that enjoys competition. They will be more eager to help if they view cleaning as a game. Play music, dance, and goof around to their favorite songs as you clean. Creating a fun atmosphere breaks down the barrier of resistance; and subsequently they will offer to help without even you asking.

Give them Guidance

Your concept of clean and that of your kids completely differs. Although they seem to be cleaning to their capacity; that is not nearly close to your expectation. To prevent a verbal dispute or disappointment; create a checklist list of your expectations as it relates to the different tasks. This helps them see the progress of their work, and also keeps them on track of they are required to do as they check off tasks already completed.

Choose the Appropriate Chores

Choosing appropriate chores for your child’s age makes them more willing to carry them out. You don’t expect an excellent result when you task a 5-year old kid to clean up the toilet. If you delegate age-appropriate chores to your kids; it’s more feasible to get what you desire and prevent a fight or stress. This works vice versa. You can have your children do chores that are more challenging than they are used to, but use your discretion to determine if they can execute them correctly or perhaps if they will find it difficult. This may be a means to build them up to a bigger chore by assisting mum in doing it the first time, before leaving them to have a go at it independently. They then become confident and know what is expected.

Start a for Hire Board

This is suitable for older children who can handle bigger chores. Hang a cork or magnetic board with different chores contained in envelopes. Add a little amount of money to each task. If the chore is completed to expectation, the children can keep the money that is in the corresponding chore envelope. This teaches children how to help out as well as teach them how to work hard for their money. This can also work as a substitute to allowances. It gives the children a chance to determine how much they want to make each week rather than just receiving a flat amount of money irrespective of what they do. You will be amazed at how hard they work and how efficiently they chores are carried out when there is money at stake.


Nothing hinders cleaning more than clutter. When things are placed in the right place, it becomes almost impossible to clean effectively; no matter who is doing the cleaning. Before cleaning, it is important to ensure everything has a proper place. If it doesn’t, it will be time to consider doing away with it, or at best finding a home for it. You can’t expect a good learning outcome from your kids if there is no place to put things. Purchasing shelving or organizing cabinets can greatly help with the items you can’t discard.


If you follow these tips, you are guaranteed a more successful inclusion of your kids helping with chores. This will remove stress in the family and allow for some fun time.